What to look for in a Microscope before Buying it

Microscopes are not some things for everyone to purchase, only the students and professionals of biological, chemical or medical fields get to buy them and then again, for once is several years. Where professionals would know exactly what they are looking for, students may not have a clear distinction in their mind as to what type of microscopes should they be buying. They can however get the answer once they get to know of some basic points like these.

microscope before buying

What type of Light is required?

Now a day, all microscopes have lights built in for illustration of the substance placed underneath the microscope. The light in sourced by either fluorescent or by tungsten bulbs. The former is expensive but gives an advantage because of being brighter and for not getting hot too much.

Simpler/ Beginner Microscopes:

Some microscopes are built for students who are still in their learning phase with the usage of a microscope, in these models, the controls are relatively simpler and not to mention fewer in number as compared to professionally used microscopes.

microscope before buying

Resolution, Magnification and Light Paths:

Before purchasing a microscope, it is necessary to pin point the requirements of resolution, magnification and the number of light paths that it uses. A stereo microscope uses two path ways of light and resultantly illustrates the objects in 3 D. this microscope also has a very deep perception enabling its users to see in in-depth image of whatever is underneath the microscope.

On the contrary, compound microscopes are those which have high resolution and magnification power but they do not have that much of depth in their perception. Experts and professional users of microscopes in all cases prefer these models since what matters the most in the professional field is the resolution and magnification. This fact frees this model from a defect that it has of having single path way for light.

Low resolution and beginner models do not cost that much, one can find them in a yard sale for perhaps like $50 or $100 but new ones would cost around $200 for starters, some more advanced ones may even cost the buyer a thousand bucks. The professional ones are exceedingly expensive and their prices can reach several thousand dollars for starters. Furthermore, their maintenance cost is above and beyond even the imagination of many.

Digital Microscopes:

Consider a camera with an extremely high zooming option, that also takes a snap of what it sees, a digital microscope does just that with a difference that it is not very portable nor does it see right up front. These models of microscopes are often extremely expensive and are for very specific of purposes. They can take snaps and store them in a memory that can be transferred to a computer for further processing.

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