Microscope – What are Most Interesting Facts You Must Know About?

portable microscopes

Microscope a Great Invention

Do you know who and when this useful instrument was invented? It’s still left to be decided. Although the invention of a microscope is said to be related to the invention of a telescope, lack of much evidence doesn’t let anything to prove until now. Mainly used for the purpose of viewing small objects. This amazing device helps to understand things which surround us. Things which are impossible to notice with naked eyes can be seen clearly under a microscope. Answer to most critical questions in science was solved with its help. Even the most important discovery of microorganisms wouldn’t have been possible without its help. It has led open wide path for science.

Various types of microscope are being modified to suit different needs. Among such the most common are:

1.            Do you need to find out what the components actually make textile or leather shoe? Then Bright field microscope is the right choice for you. The backdrop of this particular model is that its inability to contrast between the object under scrutiny and its surroundings, thus it’s only used for non viable and non living particles.

2.            If parts of living organism interest you, try the Dark field microscope. This is more like an ordinary microscope only with a modified condenser system. The object appears to be brighter than the surroundings, hence defining the contrast clearly visible.

3.            For those who want to get into ore of detailing, Phase contrast microscope is best accompanied. With this microscope one can easily observe micro organism with acute detailing. Its special optic lenses make cellular components more visible.

4.            Fluorescent microscope has Special lens that separates the frequency of wavelengths that the object carries hence differentiating it from the surrounding. A 3 dimensional image is produced by the specimen.

5.            Electron microscope magnifies up to one in a million. It is said to be best among the lot.

Apart from the above types one could get into the market, to make tasks easier , fast and portable machines are created which is light in weight and can be taken anywhere for your convenience.

Portable Microscopes


  1.  Tissue analysis of plants
  2.  Structure of genes,
  3.  Matching DNA
  4.  For testing, forensic samples,
  5. Blood counts
  6. Test the character of soil,
  7. Components and dyes in textile,
  8. Recognize shape and size of a matter.

In most of the industries there is a need of microscope that exists. A new era of possibilities is left wide open in front of everyone. It’s quite natural to be curious about the things that are taking place every day around us, like for instance the growing of a plant, colours of flowers, decomposition of dead bodies; a thousand of similar queries revolve round in young heads. Who would knew otherwise that micro organisms like algae and fungi helps in decomposing and plays a major role in food cycle.

One can easily buy a microscope depending upon the work one would do with it. Various microscopes serve varied purposes, one can also but portable microscope that is quite helpful in certain moments. So if it’s to perform a precise task or just to complete a practical work in a biology lab, the microscope is always a great tool for every need.

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