In China, it is planned to produce aviation biofuels

130925_AviationBiofuelsFamous American Aircraft Builder and Boeing Corporation of China Commercial Aircraft Corp created a new joint venture that will produce jet fuel from used vegetable oils. The new venture is built in the city of Hangzhou.

The basis of production laid technologies derived from the Chinese state company Sinopec. A new fuel jet is created from processed vegetable oil with palm oil. One can add that the license for this kind of production company was issued at the beginning of this year.

New aviation biofuels has been tested on the aircraft Airbus A320, which was owned company China Eastern Airlines. In this form of fuel airliner managed to make this flight lasting 85 minutes. According to experts, China can be considered as the fourth country in the world, which managed to create his own kind of aviation biofuels. Earlier aviation biofuels was established in the USA, Finland and France.

According to available today plans will be produced annually about 1.8 billion. Liters of such aviation fuel. According to experts, the new production will be profitable due to the fact that the raw materials available to him and his lot.

As for American scientists, they are actively working to reduce the cost of issue of release of other biofuels. To solve this problem, a new catalyst. Solution to the problem was made possible after the usual iron managed to mix with palladium. A mixture of iron and palladium has created a catalyst, helping to remove oxygen.

With this new method of removing oxygen was low and fairly reliable. Previously used iron catalysts were considered inexpensive way to remove oxygen from the plant material. But in this case, if the iron is reacted with water, which is also needed in the production of biofuels, the catalyst is often stopped working. This was due to the fact that in the water the iron rusts.

If the surface of the iron catalyst palladium cover, it could accelerate the oxygen evolution reaction, and thus almost eliminate the negative effects. When creating a new catalyst used and electron microscopy, and X-ray spectroscopy.

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