The History of Educational Microscopes

Microscopes are very helpful objects. People have been using them for their studies for a long time. Before the 1600s, the Arabs found out about lenses. They studied about them deeply and found out their uses. They told the world about the features of lenses. They came before educational microscopes. After people found out about that, they also got to know about eyeglasses. They help people see things better. They are made specifically for people who have a weak sight. Telescopes are used to see things in space. They were made in 1608. They are older kinds of microscopes. Let’s learn a little more about these great gadgets.

Educational Microscopes during the 1600s

The first educational microscopes and  student microscope kits were made by Hans Jensen. They made the first one a little after 1600s. These were not of very good quality. Their lenses were not that useful as they were of the poor sort. They could only enlarge the object by twenty or thirty times. This is nothing compared to what modern ones can do. In the 1660s, Mr. Hooke created his own lens. He released the results in his book which he called “Micrographia”. He named the objects he used as cells. He was able to see things that were more than thirty times their actual size.

Also in the 1660s, Mr. Antony created his own lens and started making microscopes. His gadgets were more like magnifying glasses. Another scientist later on made one that could make objects appear two hundred times bigger than their normal size. He used them to look at animals, plants and other living things. He also used to see blood cells and soil. He was the person who first found out about germs.

educational microscopes

Educational Microscopes during 1700s and 1800s

In this time, no big changes took place. Educational microscopes were still basic. They were being used more and more but they were not improved. The style also stayed the same. Lenses were made better, though. Their quality was made better than before. Pure glass was used in making them so that colors were seen clearly. In the 1800s, Mr. Abbe made a new lens with oil immersion. With the help of the new lens, images could be seen even clearly. They size of the objects was even bigger. His lenses are still being used in microscopes. The lenses he made have proven very helpful to experts.

educational microscopes

Educational Microscopes during 1900s and 2000s

In 1931, modern educational microscopes and best student microscopes were made in Germany. These could attract cells at one place under the lens so that they could be seen clearly. They could help experts in seeing the smallest parts of all objects very easily. They could enlarge the objects by more than one million times. These gadgets did have one problem. They could not help in viewing cells that were still alive. Later, other experts made newer types that could create 3D images. The people who made educational student microscopes won a Nobel Prize for their efforts. Everyone was very impressed by their hard work. Their invention is still in use today. It helped a lot in all forms of studies that were later done. 


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