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PortableMicroscopes.InHow does a portable educational microscopes help in education?

With the advancement in technology in the field of science, educational microscopes have been important tools for students. It helps many apprentices to amplify images of a variety of objects ranging from butterfly wings to plant and animal cells. Microscopes help in education majorly, and is also used by some of the best schools and colleges in making students eligible for acquiring the field of science as their professions.

There are different types of portable microscopes that are useful for students, like a dissecting or a low-power microscope that is used to observe minute things like sand grains, stamps etc. It is best for the younger students as it is easy to use and focus. There are three different types available which include: zoom type, two-power and single-power.

An amazing degree of amplification using microscopes is now a possibility

Another type of microscope that is used for educational objectives and also allows the projection of imagery to larger spectators is the digital microscope.

It helps in viewing outsized images on a PC, with the help of a USB connection. It also allows saving and printing the image. High-power microscopes can magnify objects in a range of 40 x, 100 x and 400 x and is used to observe smaller objects like blood samples, bacteria, plant cells etc.

High-power microscopes are available in a variety of metallurgical microscopes, biological microscopes and compound microscopes. Compound microscope is extensively used for the educational purpose and can amplify specimens up to 1000x.

The use is flexible and provides wider learning

These are just a few examples of educational microscopes that are extremely useful and equally significant for students, but among all these the one used extensively in schools and colleges is the digital microscope. It is because of its flexibility and it provides the teachers better ways to assess his students.

Just like it is important for a person to gather a fair amount of theory, on a subject to widen his ambit of knowledge, similarly conducting a lot of practical sessions are better ways of ensuring that the knowledge gathered from theory is understood in practical terms. For the purpose of practical knowledge and visual understanding there is no medium better than a microscope. Viewing something through a microscope is almost like looking at another universe which you may not have known that it existed.

Modern version combines with electronics for superior performance

Imagine watching a drop of water with your naked eyes, and then imagine watching the same drop of water under a microscope, you will certainly be thrilled beyond words with what you see and in some cases astounded with what is revealed. Such is the power of a portable microscope. Educational microscopes are mostly equipped with a reflecting mirror, triple nose-piece and a coaxial course for precise focusing. Most of these portable microscopes are rechargeable and hence cordless. Some are available with additional features including a stopper and illuminator for the safety of the slide. Some of these also have a digital camera along with software for confining images.

Portable microscopes are capable of bettering the educational know how of students. What the youths learn are always apparently monochromatic unless they stand a chance to see the organisms or cells live, with their own pair of eyes. It is a different feeling and helps increase love for the subject called ‘Biology’ among the students, since their salad days!

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