Cell Theory: Gift of Microscope

Did you know that bacteria and protozoa remained undiscovered until 17th century? Have you ever pondered over that thought that who could have possibly given a flying crap to their existence that time? While we fret over ridden facts, there were some who did it, way back in the past. All it takes is just the genius of some men to create a major slapdash in the history of the Homo sapiens. Had it not been for Anton Van Leeuwenhoek who discovered ‘little animals’ under his microscope, the world could have never known anything about the other realm of our planet. But thanks to genuine efforts put forth by him, we know it now. Cell theory led to the birth of so many fields that are inevitable for a person to survive on earth. Let us explore the areas where cell theory or at least its research had left a remarkable mark. Sit tight, the countdown is just about to begin!

cell theory microscope

A Building Block of your Gene-Train!

Did you know that your genes are inherited from your ancestors? Are you curious to know of what could have led to the foundation of DNA? The key to resolve all your answers is cell theory. A helical shaped structure was found in the human body after the discovery of microscope. Now that you know that cells play a pivotal role in our biological system, you’d be lured to check the facts and figures by yourself. Aren’t we right, eh? If you look cells under a microscope, you’d find them in symphony with each and forms a definite shape.

Bibliography of Bacteria, Enzymes and Protozoa:

Bacteria is widespread. And we mean it right. They’ve made their home in almost every part of your body, food and water. You can’t get away with bacteria. But the world of bacteria remained a mystery to us a few centuries back. Given the bacteria is beyond the scope of naked eyes, we could have never imagined the life of these “little animals”. Some bacteria is essential for the body while some tend to induce harm to the body. Did you know that diseases like Malaria, Dengue, AIDS, Polio, etc are nothing but the wrath of these deadly creatures? To set the records straight, many new fields revived their identity soon after these creatures were deemed as harmful to human beings.

cell theory microscope
Botanical Expedition:
Are you the one whose heart cries out for the lovely plants gracing your backyard? Do you love spending time with flora in your home? Or have you decided to know how the ecosystem works? If that’s what you define you, you may need to get acquainted with cell theory. Every plant or creep that you observe under a microscope has a different cell structure and that’s what make the cell theory stand out.

Cell Theory saw the light of the day, as they say, when microscope were invented. Thus, microscope has been, in many ways, an integral part of our lives. Care for getting one for yourself? Then this is your bat, take it!

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