What are the main applications of a microscope?

The microscope has contributed much for the invention of some important things that has been a turning point in scientific researches. It’s not only an aid for science enthusiast. It also had a great impact on industrial area and learning process of students.

portable microscopes

What is a microscope?

This device helps to view an expanded version of particular object. This includes the tiniest particles like stem cells, bacteria, genes structure, etc. In short one is able to view things that are impossible to see with naked eyes.

Basically here are two types of microscope. One is optical which falls into the basic category. The second type is electron microscope, which functions with the help of electricity. It is used for getting a detailed magnifying image of a subject. Other than the two basic kinds, various other types are available in market serves varied purposes.

Applications of a microscope:

Enhance learning.

Children’s are always curious about everything. Their desire to learn is unparalleled. Even if it’s a green grass that’s growing on the backyard lawn. Or how your loving pet is growing up so quickly? Thousand of questions keep buzzing in young minds. Thus give a boost to your little ones about science. Microscope would be a perfect gift. A beginner’s microscope will help your child to explore things about the natural world.

Portable Microscopes

Industrial purpose.

Microscope serves a major role in the industry. It’s a false myth that microscope is only useful for science students and people related to scientific researches. Without knowledge of correct proportion a product is not meant to be produced perfectly with satisfactory results. For industries like chemical factories, gems and jewellery outlets, leather materials, food industry etc. require a proper laboratory to judge the quality and quantity of products.

Biological needs.

When biological needs are a main concern a good compound microscope well fits the need. Bio science means interacting with living organisms. This just doesn’t mean human beings, animals and plants. Lot of living organisms that exist in the world are impossible to see with naked eyes. Here is where a good microscope is needed to get an idea about those micro organisms.

Taking care of your microscope:

It’s not just you buy a microscope and leave it unattended for days for dust to cover it. As this instrument is pretty expensive and needs care and maintenance.

·      Make sure you don’t drop it

·      Clean it with neat clothes

·      Do proper oiling to keep fittings rust free and smooth

·      Always buy from a reliable store

Portable microscopes:

These microscopes are often fitted with features same as the compound ones. The only difference is that it can be taken along with anywhere at any location. A great benefit of pocket friendly instruments.

•          Doesn’t depend on electricity

•          Ready to use

•          Light on weight

•          Easily maintained

•          Good battery life supportive till hundred hours.

Thus to find a good microscope first determine for which purpose it will be used and then search a one that suits your need.

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