What All You Want to Know About Microscopes?

PortableMicroscopes.InAbout Microscopes

Tools that assist you to see mini objects which are otherwise not visible to our eyes are called Microscopes. Many types have been invented, foremost of all being the optical microscope. Other major kinds are electron, compound light, stereo, digital, pocket and scanning probe microscope.

Different kinds and their usefulness:

Let us discuss the benefits of a Microscope:


These are used mainly for educational purpose. Students use it to view a sample once it gets connected to computer. It has an option of saving the image of sample for future observation. Many scientists use this tool too. It assists scientists in printing image so that they can have a closer look of the specimen.

 Scanning probe:

As the name explains, this type reproduces an image by scanning original sample. SPM has great expertise in nanotechnology.


This kind can be regarded as the most useful to users for features it has. Stereo Microscope is easy to use and are very useful. Most of the microscope has one eyepiece, which makes it difficult for viewers or researchers to concentrate fully on work.

The major advantage of this type is, it has two eyepieces, making it comfortable to user. Objects are shown to users in three dimensions. This feature makes the object clearer for examination. Some stereo microscope has zoom lens, these lens give users boundless chance to learn about miniature world.

portable microscopesElectron:

All kinds of electron microscope are very useful. It is a loss for them who have not used it yet. This microscope has greater clarity and magnification. It helps viewer to understand the object and find more unknown facts about it.


Cutest and smallest of all is pocket microscope. One can easily carry them in pocket and use it anytime and anywhere. Pocket microscope is very easy to use and it helps user to view smallest of objects very clearly without any problem. These small sized and light weighted instruments are manufactured to replace heavy ones available in market.

Portable MicroscopesMicroscope is great to users. Research and development could not have been reached to such a great level without its help. It has helped scientists, students and doctors to a great extent. Be in medical field or to investigate a criminal case, usefulness of this tool is infinite. Even with so many advantages, these instruments still have some disadvantages which cannot be ignored. Microscope, especially the electrons and light ones are very expensive. It is difficult for many to actually afford it. Light microscope though easy to carry cannot magnify over 2000 times and also had poor resolutions. Smaller objects are difficult to examine in light microscope.

The applications of a Microscope are endless. Adding more to its usefulness, people now enjoy more benefits with portable microscopes. With endless benefits, its disadvantages can be easily overlooked. Medical science, a country’s justice, a nation’s future, students, jewelers etc. depend a lot on a Microscope. It is sure to simplify all your tensions once you bring it home. 

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