5 ways to know if you’re a Microscopy Addict

We all have been there. We have known that desire, want, attraction, liar and euphoria to do things that we’re continuously doing for hours evident. Human behavior is weird and rightly so. We always tend to do the things we’re most forbidden or is already a cliché. Same theory implies to microscopy. Once you jump into this world of curiosity, the gung-ho will follow you unless someone hit you hard in the head or not even then. Such is the lust and enigma of the microscopy hat it digs you deeper and deeper. Once you’re in, dead friend, there is no exit door. Not that you’ll need one. We understand your dilemma and hence we’ve deduced some ways to find out if you’ve discovered your microscopy bone. Let’s get to them, one by one!


 You’ll feel twitchy and feverish!

Remember the day when you first stepped into your school? It was an anxious step, right? Consider the desire for holding and researching on it as a repeat telecast. Like we said, there’s no way out. If you’re thinking that this might be the result of some other bodily changes, then get your facts right. The fever is rising and not the physical one. The adrenaline rush in your body has already blocked more of your brain to function and yet you’re here without your microscope. Too bad. Now that you’re infected of such addiction, you must get a cure of exploring the microscope that is.

You’ll be an Insomniac

If you think that you’re an insomniac, then check bugs under your eyes. They probably have an entirely different story to tell. Microscopy fanatic or not, you’ll, at least for once, ponder over the research you’ve done the previous day and what can be your potential next step. There’s this thing with hobbies, they’re just too fatal. That being said, you can’t walk scot-free as and when you feel like.


Your room will be full of research papers

Remember your lovely bed where you used to lay down? Or the book shelf which once was devoid of any books? How can you forget your shoe rack? Now that you’ve decided that microscopy is your sole ambition, then get prepared in the hell hole of the mess. If you’re not finding space for your essentials given whole room is consumed with raw material and observations, then deal with it.

You’ll do microscopy, no matter what!

Out of many signs of your addiction, one I rigidness. No matter how many times your parents will nag you about the microscopy, you won’t give a damn to it. One running tip for you, dear friend. Tell your parents that you’re on a project and we assure you that you’d never be asked to quit the microscopy again.

You’ll bid goodbye to Idiot Box!

One of the better thing that can happen with this addiction is that you’ll be free from the trap of idiot television. No daily soap will withhold your attention. We bet.

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