5 things to do with your Microscope

Are you an introvert who is lost in the crowd? Are you more of a loner kind of guy who finds fun in peace? Does life sciences and spending time alone enthralls you? Are you thinking to quench you thirst and stand out among stalwarts? Are you still pondering over the list that boasts of all the things that world deems nonsensical? If microscopy decorum the list, we tell you, stop listening to your head and follow your heart. World would always be there and you’d be lost in the same, feeling whimsical about your dream that you could have, with tad bit of effort, have achieved it but lest ended up doing a stereotypical job. Is this what you want from your life? No. Life is short, make the most it. And microscopy will get you closer to your dream. We’ve pin pointed five great things that you’d do with your microscope. Hang tight.

your microscope

 Redefine the scientist in you!

 Has research topped your freebie list? Is there any riddle that you’re hung and have found no way out? Are you the one who aspires of being recognized among other ground breaking inventors? This is your chance. Take it without any second thoughts. Be it micro creature or be it mechanical part, everything goes under the microscope scanner. If you’ve not find microscopy cool, then this is the reason you need.

your microscope

Bored much? Kill time.

Are you the one who can’t hold on to something? Are you the person who gets easily bored? Or are you the one who have got nothing to do in the ample spare time you get? Want to do something interesting and develop curiosity? Microscopy is there for you. From atom to nucleus, from flora to fauna, from a spare part to giant machine, you’ve enough fields to explore.

Be Friends with Tiny Creatures!

Are you rid of materialistic friends? Are you looking forward for finding in the other realm? Are the web friends just so out of your freebie list? What if we tell that you’re just a step away from them? Yes, in our most sensible selves, are not kidding! Just be a part of the creatures’ little Cosmo world and discover friendship with them. Good enough, eh?

Follow your Private eye fetish!

Do you scare the hell out of people while you’re in your detective mood? Are you the one who considers every foe as the intruder? Or you want a just system to prevail everywhere and you be the only savior? Does crime or theft itches you and your thirst wouldn’t suffice but grow each without solving it? Then, microscopy is just what you’d need. A little magnifying is just main stream, we tell you, and you deserve much better!

Become a pharmacist!

Drugs play an integral part in our lives and rightly so. What would have your family doctor recommended if there were no medicines? You get the drift, right? Just became the master of your hobby and claim accolades in your professional life.

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