3 Reasons to Use Portable Microscopes

Anyone who’s is a Science or an Engineering graduate might have seen and used a compound microscope during their college or school days. If they have not used it, at least they would have seen it and know its purpose. Compound microscopes are really a boon to students, medical lab professionals, doctors, researchers, jewelers and the list goes on.

It is a huge piece with three lenses at the object side and one or two lenses at the eye side, depending on the model. The compound microscope gives us the power to see tiny organisms as small as 5 microns (one millimeter is equal to thousand microns). This amazing machine which gives us this unique advantage has some drawbacks too. Let us see why this heavy compound microscope falls behind in the race with compact portable microscope.

First, the compound microscope which we generally see or use in the schools, colleges, labs, hospitals, is very heavy and it is very difficult to move to different places or rooms. Whereas the portable microscope has all the functionality which a conventional microscope has it is highly portable to move anywhere. Furthermore the pocket portable microscope can be used for field assignments as well.

Second, the compound microscope works on electricity and it requires constant power input for its working. In place where power cut is very usual, this can cause a lot of problem and continuity in work. Whereas the portable microscope works on batteries and it is completely independent of power availability. The batteries can be easily replaced anywhere. This makes the pocket microscope to stand in front of the compound microscopes.

Third, the normal microscopes require oil to be added to slides, if the slide has to be viewed under 100X magnification. This makes the lens unusable after a couple of months, whereas the portable microscope does not require oil even for 100X magnification, furthermore the portable microscope’s lens does not touch the surface, which gives greater life for the lens. This also ensures that the lens does not get dirty and gives us a clean magnification, with zero aberrations.

 Now as we have seen the major drawbacks of a compound microscope over the portable one, why not go for the better one. While the portable microscopes offer magnification from 60X to 100X, at the same time they offer the portability and light weight to be carried over any place in our pockets.

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