Plant Cells

December 24, 2011 javedshaikm 1

The entire genomic DNA cannot express at a time. In this process only particular type of gene is expressed at a time, specifically leading to […]


December 23, 2011 javedshaikm 1

The Concept of two photosystems originated in the work of Emerson & Lewis in 1943. Working on the action spectrum¬† for the pigments of Chlorella […]

Light trap in photosynthesis

December 20, 2011 javedshaikm 0

Of the¬† several photosynthetic pigments, only chlorophyll-a can convert light into chemical energy. However this does not mean that light absorbed by the other pigments […]

Mechanism of Photosynthesis

December 15, 2011 javedshaikm 5

Mechanism of Photosynthesis Plant Physiology Plant physiology deals with the studies of life processes that are similar in many organisms. Thousands of chemical reactions are […]