Are contact lenses harmful for eyes?

Contact lenses – a great alternative to glasses: small accessories instantly improve vision, are not addictive and do not create any inconvenience to use. Of course, they have to get used to, because there is a foreign body at first eye.

But after only 2-3 lenses become as common as a watch or earrings. They are selected according to medical conditions and are prescribed.

Benefits of contact lenses:

There are plenty of compelling advantages of solutions:

  • Compactness. Lenses are easy to carry (they only need to carry a small box with the solution), they will never fall out of your eyes and feel with daily use.
  • Durability. Split or broken lenses unrealistic, but they are focused on a certain period of operation. Price-performance ratio is very accessible and far more profitable points. In addition, the stores have disposable alternatives that you can take with you on vacation.
  • Individuality. Modern materials are soft, and the product is adjusted for a particular person.
  • Safety. The risk of damage to the eye if all the requirements of the manufacturer is minimal. If glasses can break and cause injury to a person (as a result of an accident, a fall or during a fight), the lenses even in extreme situations are safe.
  • Excellent effect. Improvement in vision occurs immediately, and the result is obvious. In this case, unlike glasses, contact lenses do not spoil the lens of the eye due to their fixed locations.
Disadvantages of contact lenses:
However, such a accessory has its opponents. They argue that the lenses can cause infection of the mucous membrane of the eye.
Lack of sunlight that can occur with late lenses seriously impairs vision. However, in compliance with safety regulations negative effect is minimal.
Therefore we can say that when used properly, the lens is not harmful to eye health. Order not to make eye swelling and fatigue – in time to remove the lens and put into a container of liquid.
How to choose contact lenses?
A huge number of solutions can be confusing anyone. Therefore, in the first lens should be selected together with a doctor who will prescribe a suitable alternative. They must be purchased at specialty stores that sell high quality products. If after 2-3 times after the start of the lens cause severe discomfort (turbidity, “swimming”, “noise”), you should always consult a doctor.
However, those people who constantly applies the accessory, the choice can be made independently. If you are holding a prescription, you should visit the optician or contact lenses online store , where a huge range of products available to each customer.


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