Are all food thickeners are harmful?

The use of thickening agents in the food industry – one of the most debated topics in our time. Many are of the opinion that the current food thickeners completely justify his true destiny.

That is, it is believed that the products they are introducing for a trivial gain on buyers. This is a ploy that plays into the hands of the producers. And for the consumer stomach thickeners are not needed, and bring more harm than at least some benefit. But is it really?

But, after hearing the argument (and, even if it is not argued for), it is necessary to look at the side of the apposition. Thickeners are designed, primarily, to impart the desired consistency and dish shape. Professional chefs know a lot of subtleties, secrets and tricks of how to create a totally nondescript (but often extremely useful) raw food appetizing dish, eye pleasing culinary masterpiece. For example, with the help of starch, not being a professional, in the home, you can get a delicious flavored sauce, but with the help of gelatin or agar (which is made ​​from seaweed), a delicious jelly to the holiday table.

Food thickeners – are products and substances, most natural origin which have a superior ability: thicken the liquid product structure and increase their strength. Thus, thanks to it, we obtain the desired consistency dishes. In other words we can say: food thickeners are required in order to the weight of raw material, which is often a mixture of different powders, water, animal or vegetable fats, as well as the mass of fruits and berries milled to a uniform consistency certain weight. Of course, such a substance would look much more attractive in appearance. To obtain this result we use, as well as natural ingredients, which include and pectin. It not only improves the quality and appearance of the product, but also benefits your health, as it is a natural absorbent and removes toxins from the body.

There is absolutely impossible to provide products manufactured industrially without such components as agar-agar, diglycerides, alginates, xanthan , konjac and many others. On the label you can find them in the code by the letter “E” followed by numbers. If you care about your health, then it is time to begin to understand these, at first glance, it is incomprehensible symbols. Not all thickeners bring harm to the body. And to learn the basics of proper natural food in the family this question, of course, important.


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