Algal Biofuel

Our issue dealt with the failure of the United States to have an efficient alternative energy source, which could eventually develop into a replacement for regular petroleum gasoline. As of now the United States has tried other alternatives to generate cleaner and greener energy, however none of these has proved to be quite efficient enough for mass production. Each present their own drawbacks, and for this reason, we sought to find a potential alternative clean energy source practical for the mass market. Through our research genetically engineered algal biofuels provided the answer to what we thought could be a possible alternative energy reservoir. With continued research and development, it is not a mistake to say, that algae could be the answer to our energy crisis. In the end we created a collection of what types of energy sources the United States has been relying on, and why algae could trump all of them. Using this information we formulated a research proposal and video to show the benefits of algal-based biofuels, in order garner more support for the industry and increased funding for research and development.
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