1. Adults of Wuchereria bancrofti attack
(a) excretory system
(b) nervous system
(c) blood circulation
(d) lymph vessels.
2. In rheumatoid arthritis,
(a) there is accumulation of uric acid crystals in synovial joints
(b) there is an inflammation of the synovial membrane
(c) only the cartilage at synovial joints is affected
(d) all of the above.
3. Poor person’s disease is
(a) CVA (b) Ml
(c) RHD (d) RA.
4. Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus is caused by
(a) failure of 3-cells to produce adequate amount of insulin
(b) failure of a-cells to produce adequate amount of Insulin
(c) failure of insulin to facilitate the movement of glucose into cells.
(d) failure of insulin to facilitate the movement of glycogen into cells.
5. Which of the following match is correct?
(a) Tinea pedis – Ringworm of nose
(b) Tinea capitis – Ringworm of scalp
(c) Tinea cruris – Ringworm of neck
(d) Tinea barbae – Ringworm of groin
6. The primary host for Taenia solium is
(a) dog (b) pig
(c) cat (d) human being.
7. What is the common name of Trichuris trichiural
(a) Hook worm (b) Whip worm
(c) Pin worm (d) Seat worm
8. Cysticercosis is caused by
(a) Taenia solium (b) larva of T.solium
(c) Echinococcus (d)Ascaris.
9. Hodgkin’s disease is an example of
(a) osteoma (b) carcinoma
(c) leukemia (d) lymphoma.
10. Genes involved in cancer are
(a) cancer genes (c) tumour genes
(b) oncogenes (d) regulator genes.
11. Lung cancer is
(a) sarcoma (c) myeloma
(b) carcinoma (d) melanoma.
12. Spread of cancerous cells to distant places is
(a) malignancy (b) metastasis
(c) mutations (d) benign tumour.
13.Which of the following diseases is caused by Wuchereria bancrofti
(a) Malaria (b) Filariasis
(c) Diabetes (d) None of these
14. Ringworm is due to
(a) algae (b) virus
(c) fungus (d) bacteria.
15. Which type of cancer is found in lymph nodes and spleen?
(a) Carcinoma (b) Sarcoma
(c) Leukaemia (d) Lymphoma
16. Elephantiasis causing organism belongs to
(a) aschelminthes (b) platyhelminthes
(c) cnidaria (d) porifera.
17. Cancer is caused by
(a) uncontrolled meiosis (b) uncontrolled mitosis
(c) rupturing of cells
(d) loss of immunity of the cells.
18. Which of the following approaches are used for the treatment of cancer?
(a) Gene therapy and immunotherapy
(b) Surgery
(c) Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy
(d) All of these.
19. Carcinogen, mustard gas affects
(a) vagina (b) lungs (c) liver (d) skin.
20. Which of the following has been suggested as a conditioning agent in RHD?
(a) Coxsackie B-4 virus (b) Streptococcus (c) Pneumococcus (d) Variola virus



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