How to crack Medical Entrance Exams

Facts about Medical Entrance Exams

One mind-boggling question baffles most of the medicine aspirants:- how to get a seat in the medical college of your choice? What would be the right recipe get a high rank in medical entrance exam and bag a medical course one’s choice of college? MCAT exam in the US or for that matter GAMSAT (Australia) & AIIMS (India) medical entrance examination is the toughest nut to crack!

These Entrance examinations are focused to analyze the competency and level of preparation of the candidates for Medical degree. As a student, you will find numerous reference materials at various levels of your study after you have passed through the higher secondary exams. There are very few practice material which really helps you crack the code. Once you have decided to join a Medical college, it is time to start preparing for the particular entrance examinations. So study smarter than harder, i.e., rather than studying extra materials and wast your time and energy, it is wise to practice multiple choice questions like the one provided on HourlyBook’s quiz

Practice Medical Entrance Exams

This platform is divided into subject wise and further topic wise questions in Zoology, Botany, Physics and Chemistry at present. As a research states that it is very easy to remember any thing that is represented in the form of pictures, and while practicing quizzes on HourlyBook, subconsciously your mind and body act together, and help you remember questions and answers very easily.

Further more this plat form has an regularly updating database of more than 10,000 practice questions, which cover all the topics which are asked in the exam, as well as almost all types of questions which have the probability to appear in the test.

Successful people have most of the things in common. They follow a regular pattern and it is wise to adopt a couple in his/her nature! The question on how to crack medical entrance exams can be answered if you follow a regular practice of the quizzes provided on HourlyBook. Would like to follow the painstaking classical method of searching several books, or would like to get easy grades by practicing mock questions, which most probably on almost all entrance question papers?

So what are waiting for? Start practicing, the regularly updated quizzes, by clicking the below links:

Medical Entrance Practice Questions

1) Zoology Quiz

2) Chemistry Quiz

3) Physics Quiz

4) Botany Quiz


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