Medical Entrance Exams – 7 Things You Must Know to Crack

Medical entrance examsIt is a dream for several college students to become a doctor. Several people try hard enough to clear Medical Entrance Exams, every year. Due to lack of proper guidance and preparation. Furthermore, students should have clear goals to crack Medical Entrance Exams. Many students try these entrance exams more than once, year after year. They gain experience of, “how to write these exams”, but not the fact of, “how to crack medical entrance exams”, in one go. The below stated 7 golden principles help the students who attempt for the first time or who have written the exam many times.

Easy steps to crack Medical Entrance Exams:

1)      Do not go for ‘shortcuts’, i.e. solve the questions after you understand the topic. If the subject is understood, the answer becomes clear and easy to remember. This is important in the case of Physics and Chemistry. In these subjects, logical part is more. Therefore, it requires more analysis for problem solving. Whereas in Zoology and Botany, it requires more memory power. Scoring more in these subjects is a matter of remembering more names and diagrams. It is quite important to remember the scientific names of animals, plants. Furthermore, the organs, organelles, their names and functions have to be precisely remembered. The best way to memorize the structures is by drawing them several times.

2)      Have a time scheduled for each subject. Divide the time for each subject you prepare, instead of random preparation. This process is called as ‘time management’, which helps us focus on all the topics and subjects.

3)      After we manage our time for each subject, it is important to read the subjects topic wise. Instead of reading here and there, a systematic fashion will help to understand complex topics easily. If we understand the fundamental concepts first, it becomes easy to understand further advanced concepts.

4)      Group discussions are a boon, in the preparation for medical entrance exams. This works very easily, each one from a group knows something and has a unique skill set. While participating in-group discussions, everyone shares the knowledge he knows. This small share in turn helps all the participants to understand all the topics, which were discussed in-group discussion.

5)      Using mnemonics (tricks to memorize easily), can be highly useful to remember long essays, derivations, formulas. Lot of books are available in the market, which teaches mnemonics. This reduces the time for preparation and increases the memory power.

6)      Not only topic wise, but also question wise preparation is required to easily crack medical entrance exams. Several books have question banks, i.e. they have tens of thousands of questions, from previous entrance exams. These questions may be asked again based on their importance. Therefore, it is a good habit to read old entrance exam questions.

7)      Finally yet importantly, take care of your health and stay away from alcohol and smoking. Have good and healthy foods, which help to increase concentration and focus.

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