3 Skills you should have when you go for Medical Entrance Exam Preparation

Skills to pass Medical Entrance Exams

The medical entrance exam is much more than a normal exam. A good score is important for entry into a highly paid profession. These days the council for admissions is not only taking the exam scores, but also looking at their language and communication skills. This is to improve the admissions process to find who will suitable to be our doctors. Being a doctor is not just to have good knowledge in science; it is also about understanding people.

Obviously doctors save lives, but sometimes they do not listen to the patients. In the past Medical schools have not done anything traditionally filter such flawed students. And they have not trained them enough for better behavior. The process which the present day Medical schools are adapting to weed out the students who look good on application, but do not have the social and communication skills. We have discussed below the three important skills and “why they are important?”

First Skill: Pleasant Manners

A good bedside manner and an attentive ear have always been required qualities in medicine professionals, these qualities are being actively looked as priority skills by medical council. The first is a growing resource of studies point that the major share of preventable deaths was due to poor communication among doctors, patients and nurses. This due to some doctors who are technically good, but lack good social communication. This point can be understood by doing a brief interview of candidates. And those who leap to improper decisions fail to listen to peers and work teams. The best chance to face these types of interviews by admission council is to respond appropriately to the interviewer and ask for more information.

Second Skill: Team Player

This is the second trait in doctors, which is looked after good manners. This is a trend which shows the evolution from an individual to team sport. The evidence for this is the disappearance of solo medical practices. Large health care systems are replacing practice by solo doctors, and these systems are supported by attractive governmental policies. This helps applying expertise from different disciplines to team-based patient care. They are creating teams for smooth coordination between several disciplines. The skill set which is applicable between teams is good communication.

Third Skill: Competitive in Nature

How tough is to clear these exams?

With the growth of scientific knowledge in medicine, the medical councils are focused to make sure to pick up those who have good foundation in basic sciences, for medical education. Many experts have found that these entrance exams select the students based on calculative skills. Every year hundreds of thousands of applications are received worldwide, but how many of them get through actually?

And how many students appear for the exams more than 3 times in their lifetime and just withdraw from appearing anymore? The answer is, ‘huge’. This is because of no vision for the competition around them. If a student knows the approximate competition he has to deal, then it will be easy for him to measure his preparation in a timely manner. One has to find out what is the number of candidates expected to attend the exam? and what the number of vacancies available is? This ratio explains the competition and helps us face the exam with confidence.

The best way to revise is to write your questions on some record cards, learn about 20-30 questions per day and then test yourself at the end of each week. If you are consistent with this technique your knowledge of this subject will grow enormously.

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