March 31, 2012 javedshaikm 3

Introduction Viruses are still biologists’ puzzle because they show both living and nonliving characters. Hence viruses are regarded as a separate entity. It is not […]

Growth of Microbes

March 31, 2012 javedshaikm 1

Living organisms grow and reproduce. The growth indicates that an organism is in active metabolism. In plants and animals one see the increase in height […]


March 30, 2012 javedshaikm 0

Diversity in living organisms There is a great diversity among living organisms found on the planet earth. They differ in their structure, habit, habitat, mode […]

Diversity of Chordates

March 30, 2012 javedshaikm 0

The chordates exhibit an astonishing diversity in form, physiology and habits. The number of chordate species is limited. About 49,000 species are on record which […]

Pure Culture Methods

March 28, 2012 javedshaikm 0

In the natural environments microorganisms exist in mixed cultures. To establish the role of microbial agent to a disease process, it is essential to demonstrate […]


Plasma Membrane

March 28, 2012 javedshaikm 5

It is the outer limiting membrane of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. It is an ultra thin, elastic, living membrane. Plasma membrane is a dynamic […]