10 of the most extreme in the world of matter

It is said that for each type of substance there is the “most extreme” option. Of course, we’ve all heard stories about magnets, strong enough to injure the children inside, and acids, which will be held in your hands for a few seconds, but there are even more “extreme” variants.

1. Most dark matter known to man

What happens if overlaid edge carbon nanotube and alternate layers of them? Get material that absorbs 99.9% of the light that falls on it. Microscopic surface of the material is uneven and rough, which refracts the light and at the same time is a bad reflective surface. Then try to use carbon nanotubes as superconductors in a specific order, which makes them perfect absorbers of light, and you have a real black storm. Scientists are seriously confused potential applications of this substance, as, in fact, the light is not “lost”, the substance could be used to improve the optical devices such as telescopes and even be used for solar cells, working with almost 100% efficiency.

2. Most combustible

A lot of things off with amazing speed, for example, stirofom, napalm and this is just the beginning. But what if there was a substance that could cover the earth with fire? On the one hand it is a loaded question, but it was given as a starting point. Chlorine trifluoride has a dubious reputation as terribly flammable, despite the fact that the Nazis believed that the substance is too dangerous to work. When people who discuss genocide, believe that their purpose in life is not to use anything because it is too deadly, it supports the careful handling of these substances. They say that one ton of the substance spilled and caught fire, and burned 30.5 cm meter concrete and sand and gravel, until everything was quiet. Unfortunately, the Nazis were right.

3. The most poisonous substance

Tell me, what would you least like that would get on your face? This could well be the most deadly poison, which rightfully take 3rd place among the major extreme substances. This poison is really different from what burns the concrete, and from the strongest acid in the world (which will soon be invented). While not entirely true, but you will no doubt hear from the medical community about Botox, and thanks to him, the most famous deadly poison. Botox uses botulinum toxin generated by the bacterium “Clostridium botulinum”, and it is very deadly, and its amount equal grain of salt is enough to kill a person weighing 200 pounds (90.72 kg approx. Mixednews). In fact, scientists estimate that enough to spray only 4 kg of the substance to kill all the people on earth. Probably, the eagle would have done much more humane than a rattlesnake than this poison to man.

4. The hottest stuff

There are very few things in the world known to man as something hotter than the inner surface of the newly heated in a microwave oven Hot Pocket, but this stuff seems to be beat, and this record. Created a clash of gold atoms at nearly the speed of light, matter called quark-gluon “soup” and it reaches a crazy 4 trillion degrees Celsius, which is almost 250,000 times hotter than the material inside the Sun. The amount of energy emitted by the collision would be enough to melt protons and neutrons, which in itself has the following features, which you did not even know existed. Scientists say that this substance could give us an idea of ??what it was like the birth of our universe, so it is with understanding to the fact that the tiny supernovas are not created for fun. However, the really good news is that the “soup” occupied one trillionth of a centimeter and lasted for a trillionth of a trillionth of a second.

5. The most corrosive acid

Acid – a terrible substance, one of the worst monsters in the movie gave blood acidity to make it even more horrible than just a killing machine (“Alien”), so ingrained in us that the impact of acid – that’s too bad. If the “others” filled antimony fluoride acid, they would not only have failed deeply through the floor, but the pair emitted from their dead bodies would have killed all around them. The acid in 21,019 times stronger than sulfuric acid and can seep through the glass. And it may explode if you add water. And during her reaction produces toxic fumes that can kill anybody in the room.

6. The most explosive explosives

In fact, this place is shared at the moment has two components: HMX and geptanitrokuban. Geptanitrokuban mainly exists in laboratories and similar oktogenu but has a more compact structure of crystals, which carries a bo? Lshy depletion potential. HMX, on the other hand, there is a big enough? X quantities, which could threaten the physical existence. It is used in solid fuel for rockets, detonators, and even nuclear weapons. And the last is the worst, because despite the ease with which it is in a movie, start splitting / fusion reaction, which leads to a bright glowing nuclear cloud, like a fungus, not a simple task, but HMX perfectly cope with it.

7. Most radioactive substance

Speaking of radiation, it is worth mentioning that the glowing green rods “plutonium”, featured in “The Simpsons” – it’s just a fantasy. If something is radioactive, it does not mean that it is lit. It is worth to mention it, because “polonium-210” is so radioactive that it glows blue. Former Soviet spy Alexander Litvinenko was misled when he was added to the food of the substance, and soon after he died of cancer. This is not something with which you want to joke around with air glow is due to substances that are affected by radiation, and, in fact, the objects around can be hot. When we say “radiation”, we think, for example, or the explosion of a nuclear reactor, which actually is a fission. This is only a selection of the ionized particles, but not out of control splitting atoms.

8. The most difficult matter

If you thought that the hardest substance on earth – it is a diamond, it was good, but inaccurate speculation. It is technically created diamond nanosterzhen. This is actually a collection of diamond nano-scale, with the lowest compression ratio and the heaviest substance known to man. In fact it does not exist, but that it would be very useful, because it means that one day we could cover our cars this stuff and just get rid of it, when there will be a collision with a train (unreal event). This material was invented in Germany in 2005, and perhaps it will be used in the same degree as industrial diamonds, except for the fact that the new substance is more resistant to wear than conventional diamonds.

9. Most magnetic substance

If the inductor is a small piece of black, it would be the stuff. Substance, developed in 2010, the iron and nitrogen, has magnetic powers, which is 18% more than the previous “record holder”, and is so powerful that it forced scientists to reconsider how the magnetism. The man who discovered this substance, distanced himself from his study, and that none of the other scientists could not reproduce his work, as it was reported that the same compound was developed in Japan in the past in 1996, but other physicists have not been able to voproizvesti so This substance is not officially accepted. It is unclear whether the Japanese physicists promise to make “Sepuku” under the circumstances. This substance can be played, it could mean a new age of efficient electronics, and magnetic motors could power gain on the order.

10. The strongest superfluidity

Superfluidity is a state of matter (like solid or gaseous), which occurs at extremely low temperatures, has a high thermal conductivity (every ounce of the substance must be exactly the same temperature) and no viscosity. Helium-2 is the most typical representative. Cup “helium-2” spontaneously rise up and pour out of the container. “Helium-2” also seep through other solid materials as well as the complete lack of friction allows it to flow through the other invisible openings that could not escape the usual helium (or water in this case). “Helium-2” does not come in the proper state for the number 1, as it has the ability to act on their own, although it is also the most effective termoprovodnik on Earth, several hundred times better than copper. The heat is moved so quickly through the “He-2”, she soon moved in waves, like the sound (actually known as “second sound”) rather than dissipated, while it is simply moved from one molecule to another. By the way, the forces that govern the possibility of “helium-2” to crawl on the wall, called the “third” sound. You will hardly be anything more extreme than the substance, which took some two new types of sound.

It is said that for each type of substance there is the “most extreme” option. Of course, we’ve all heard stories about magnets, strong enough to injure the children inside, and acids, which will be held in your hands for a few seconds, but there are even more “extreme” variants.


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