“Who Killed the Electric Car?” TRAILER edited in part by me.

This is the version of the “Who Killed the Electric Car?” trailer that I worked on. It was tweaked and changed by another, final editor, and that slightly different version is the one you could see in theaters preceding Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”. Who Killed really is a great movie/documentary, and I am not just saying that because I worked on it as an assistant/associate editor for 6 months, and poured my heart into it. It is an important film whose message is vital to a green, pollution-free future full of sustainable energy options
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 thoughts on ““Who Killed the Electric Car?” TRAILER edited in part by me.”

  1. “when people demand cleaner cars and alternative energy sources”
    –We don’t, we just want cheaper transportation in certain circumstances.
    “How can the Chevy Volt, for instance, cost the U.S. so much”
    –This is what happens when “green” “choices” are rammed down our throats so hard that Leftists use government to do the shoving. As I wrote before, let the free market make these decisions and it will work out much better.

  2. No, I don’t. I just need to make my questions clearer. What I mean to say is: How can the Chevy Volt, for instance, cost the U.S. so much when people demand cleaner cars and alternative energy sources?

  3. I’m sorry, do you have some mental deficiency that keeps you from understanding the concepts of “now” and “years ago?” Because I don’t seem to be getting through to you.

  4. The demand wasn’t there, and the technology wasn’t there. GM lost money for every one they leased. Every Chevy Volt sold today costs the U.S. taxpayers $45,000.

  5. No, because if we could’ve had them 16 years ago, things would have changed dramatically; if the EV1 is as good as they say it is.

  6. No, because if we could’ve had them 16 years ago, things would have changed dramatically; if the EV1 is as good as they say it is.

  7. Yes, and I’m talking about the free market. Can you see now how when there’s a demand and technology has caught up with it that such things are made available? If “they” (“big oil”) really “killed” the electric car, why do we have them now, from multiple auto makers? See how stupid the whole idea is?

  8. The government needs to start subsidizing these alternative industries and stop subsidizing the billion dollar big oil business. When that happens then they will start to do better.

  9. April 2012: Chevy Volt continues to be a major and costly debacle for General Motors and the American taxpayers. Wind energy industry lost 10,000 jobs since 2009. Solar energy for your home only makes financial sense if you get government subsidies. A new study out says electric cars are more polluting than gasoline cars. And Ford’s all electric Focus has ZERO SALES in its first two months.
    The evidence shows NO ONE killed the electric car. Its alive, but it isn’t well. Stop the lies.

  10. There is a remaining EV1 in my area!!! for sale, the leaser took it and ran when they found out GM was taking it, I have the chance at an ev1 holy shit

  11. I know all about the EV1 and what GM did before the videos but now I will never buy a GM again, they have always been scam artists and always will be, I have been a customer of them for the last 10 years and they have screwed me over numerous times

  12. Did a company buy the patent and then terminate it? This makes me soooo mad. Do you think that when all the baby boomers die out, the next generation will actually have their companies make ethical choices?????

  13. Who killed it? Obviously it was the stylists. These car makes a Hyandai look like fashion statements and has as much charm as soviet brick factory. If I drove something like that I would have to start taking uppers, and would probably lose the will to live..

  14. GM got paid by Saudis and they crushed all EV1’s. Why the fuck did they design Volt now and making it a big deal?

  15. There’s a Sequel!:

    Go to facebook dot com slash revengeoftheelectriccar. My bad (youtube won’t allow URL’s)

    Like it to become a fan, 10,000 fans means we get to see the trailer!

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  17. In my opinion everyone should Boycott GM for killing the Electric Car and Cheveron for blocking production of large format NiMH batteries.

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