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Tailless scorpions

21 January 2013 - Animals - Javed Shaik - No Comments

Phryne (Amblypygi) – tailless zhgutonogie spiders belong to a small detachment of tropical spider Amblypygi. Title unit in Greek means “dumb ass.” In English-speaking countries are called Phryne tailless scorpions lack of tail (telson).

Phryne are unique in that they have six walking legs, while other spiders have eight. The reason for this is that the first of zhgutonogie spiders arachnids changed walking legs in the senses. These long sensitive tentacles can be twice as long as the body and are used for environmental studies.


Another distinctive feature is their pedipalps as claws. These structures act as prehensile limbs normal or mantis shrimp mantis. Phryne use them to catch prey, which they then crushed their mouthparts tentacles so called chelicerae.


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