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Distinguishing characters of Pteridophytes

29 April 2012 - Plants - Javed Shaik - 2 Comments

Pteridophytes: 1. The life cycle shows distinct heteromorphic alternation of generation. 2. Plant body of Sporophyte is dominant phase. 3. Sporophyte is differentiated into true root, stem and leaves. 4. Vascular tissue i.e xylem and phloem are present. Xylem lacks vessels but tracheids are present. In phloem sieve tubes and companion cells are absent. 5. […]


16 April 2012 - Plants - Javed Shaik - 2 Comments

There are fossil records of blue green algae (Cyanobacteria) living 3000 million years ago and many eukaryotic organisms have existed for more than 1000 million years. However the first organisms to colonize the land, primitive plants did so only 420 millions years ago. The greatest simple problem to overcome in making the transition from water […]


11 April 2012 - Plants - Javed Shaik - No Comments

In Algae the plant body shows no differentiation into root, stem or leaf or true tissues. Such a plant body is called thallus. They do not have vascular tissues. The sex organs of this group of kingdom plantae are not surrounded by a layer of sterile cells. Algae are autotrophic organisms and they have chlorophyll. […]

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