Production of Micro & Macro molecules

“Biotechnology” emerged as a result of integration of biological science wit technology. It is the application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of materials by biological agents to provide goods and services.

Processes such as baking, brewing and cheese making have been in use for many years and were developed long before man knew of existence of the micro-organisms involved. Yeast has been commonly used as leavening agent in baking during ancient times. Cheese was one of the first fermented foods. The Japanese have, for years, been producing several enzymes by culturing several microbes. In India, the idly batter is leavened by carbon dioxide produced by Leuconostoc and acidity is obtained by Streptococcus. The main products which are produced on a large scale using microbes are

1) Cheese
2) Yoghurt
3) Vinegar
4) Ethanol
5) Citric Acid



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