25 thoughts on “Photosynthesis”

  1. You learn this at all level, I learned it as a freshman in high school, a junior taking AP, and now a college freshman… Get used to it xD

  2. you will learn about photosynthesis in intro bio, AP/IB bio, freshman in college bio, and probably more classes including anything about plants or sometimes cell bio classes too

  3. My mom is so happy that you’ve helped me get so high in my test! For only just 1 day of studying! Thank God that you are here!

  4. This video is good, but it perpetuates the misconception that photosynthesis exists to make food for animals. In fact, it is to make food for the organism that is undergoing photosynthesis. Something may or may not eat it.

  5. i think i love you.! THANKSS keep doing these videos helps a lot sometimes teachers just do not know how to teach thats when you go to KHAN for help

  6. So much unnecessary, useless chit-chat… The main ideas could probably be summed it in about 6 – 7 minutes cuz the rest is useless chit-chat… ==”

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