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Organic Tea

10 February 2013 - Environment - Javed Shaik - No Comments

Organic tea is called “natural” or “natural” and “organic.” It is grown in ecologically clean regions of the earth without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which can cause allergies and undermine human immunity. In addition, the use of these substances leads to the “caking soil” and increase the concentration of tea stems, that is, reducing the proportion of leaves in the crease in the mass itself, leading to a decline in the quality of the finished product.

Bio-tea grows exclusively in soil enriched natural compost, and other “natural” fertilizer (fish products, humus, buttermilk, etc.). And even for pest control are used substances of natural origin, such as garlic, ginger, pepper, etc.

Growing technology is very complex and time consuming, but allows for the exclusive product of the highest quality. In China, Japan and Taiwan held a “competition of tea”, which the judges choose the best grades in the individual categories. These competitions are conducted “blind” (without specifying the name, type and manufacturer) to judge as evaluation criteria to be employed only characteristics of taste, aroma and color of the drink.

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