New Test Prep App Wows Medical Students

Medical students have been wowed by Ipomo’s new mobile test prep app, Prep Meter. This unique application has changed more than the way that students study – it has completely changed the way that entrance exams are faced. Finally filling a much-needed void in the preparation process, this application is giving medical students a fighting chance on exams that always seem weighted against them.

The Traditional Preparation Process

Medical students have long found entrance exams to be among the most intimidating parts of the educational process. While the actual study of medicine requires strict discipline and a keen mind, it is the entrance exam that will initially determine the future of a would-be physicians. These exams are lengthy, covering a significant amount of knowledge in a very limited amount of time. Students have traditionally been given massive amounts of information to study, with relatively little feedback on how they perform compared to their peers or in which areas they are weakest. This has led to higher levels of test anxiety and a disturbing trend of promising students washing out of these initial exams.

A Tool for Potential

Entrance exams have always been a frightening prospect, even for bright students. Test-takers are forced to pour over mountains of material, never quite knowing what they really need. The prep meter, however, gives students a chance to realistically assess their strengths and weaknesses during the preparation process. This allows students to better tailor their limited study time to their areas of need, helping to bring up scores across the board. When students are allowed a chance to know where they stand, they have a better chance of making real strides towards improvement.

Tracking Progress

Another major hurdle faced by medical students is the fact that it is incredibly difficult to determine one’s progress when studying. Figuring out how well you know the material is one thing, but knowing how that stacks up against your peers is something entirely different. The Prep Meter can instantly rank students, allowing them the luxury of knowing where they stand compared to others preparing for the test. This in turn allows students the unique ability to know when enough preparation is finally enough.

The Impact

The impact of Ipomo’s new application is still being felt throughout the student community, but a few results can be extrapolated from its usage. First, students now have a way to track their own progress when studying – a fact that can help with preparation burn-out and lead to more effective studying. Students can also see how they rank among their peers, putting to rest self-doubt and creating a more confident group of test-takers. Perhaps most important is the mobile nature of the program, though – while prep courses are always going to be a part of entrance exams, coupling this program with mobile utility helps to put valuable testing data in the hands of those who cannot afford advanced courses. The future may well belong to bright, confident students who no longer have to go into debt in order to pass their entrance exams.

Prep Meter gives students a chance to gauge their own progress and to direct their own studies. Rather than promising outlandish results, it gives the students the tools they need to perform their best. This is beneficial not only to medical students, but to the entire entrance exam community. Once one discipline learns of the value of proper preparation, others are soon to follow. Prep Meter may be a gauge for how still students are likely to perform on a single set of exams, but its impact may be felt for a lifetime.

Ryan Ayers is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to education and technology. In this article, he discusses a new mobile app by Ipomo used specifically for test preparation. He aims to encourage further study with a <a href=””/>bachelor degree in health information management </a>

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