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New Test Prep App Wows Medical Students

29 January 2014 - Entrance Exams - Ryan Ayers - No Comments

Medical students have been wowed by Ipomo’s new mobile test prep app, Prep Meter. This unique application has changed more than the way that students study – it has completely changed the way that entrance exams are faced. Finally filling a much-needed void in the preparation process, this application is giving medical students a fighting chance on exams that always seem weighted against them.

The Traditional Preparation Process

Medical students have long found entrance exams to be among the most intimidating parts of the educational process. While the actual study of medicine requires strict discipline and a keen mind, it is the entrance exam that will initially determine the future of a would-be physicians. These exams are lengthy, covering a significant amount of knowledge in a very limited amount of time. Students have traditionally been given massive amounts of information to study, with relatively little feedback on how they perform compared to their peers or in which areas they are weakest. This has led to higher levels of test anxiety and a disturbing trend of promising students washing out of these initial exams.

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