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Let us Gain Resistance to Anaemia

4 July 2012 - Science Facts - Javed Shaik - No Comments

Anemia is a condition which arises due to reduction in the number of oxygen carrying red blood cells, thus leading to the reduced supply of Oxygen to body organs. Before we try to understand Anemia, we need to briefly analyze what is the process which is solely responsible for this disorder. RBC also known as Red Blood Cells, which give red color to the blood, contain a complex molecule called ‘hemoglobin‘, which separates Oxygen from the air we breath and carries it several organs of the body. The whole process is mediated by the king of the organs,” the heart”. While hemoglobin has Oxygen bound to it, it has a deep red color, and when the oxygen is released to the cells of the body it gains dark blue color. Before we move ahead we need have this process clear to make ourselves aware of the consequences of this disorder.

We can call this a disorder rather than a disease because, it is caused by the deficiency of Iron (in most cases), vitamin B12 and folic acid. In other cases it may be caused due to a genetic or inherited disorder, chronic illness which may disrupt intake of nutritious food or prolonged intake of antibiotics.

Moreover Anemia can be classified into three types based on amount of blood loss, i.e.

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