26 thoughts on “How It’s Made Aluminum Cans (Sam’s Club Choice)”

  1. “hydro” simply means there is a water molecule attached to the rest of the chemical….not that it’s going to burn through your flesh. -___-

  2. Well of course it is, it’s extremely dangerous. But it doesn’t have to melt your flesh to be dangerous. Something with “hydro” in the name isn’t necessarily dangerous either.

  3. It doesn’t “burn through” your flesh. It’s dangerous because of how easily the small molecules will seep through your skin and muscle into your body. Once there it reacts with calcium in your body and interferes with nerve function. It’s extremely dangerous but it won’t melt your skin off on contact.

  4. hydrofloric acid,is that dangerous?this i the type of question i answer myself…..DONTGET IT ON YOU,this shit will burn though your flesh as it has hydro in the word

  5. those are cups, not cans. how do you make an aluminum beverage can with a beverage inside and a top attached to it?

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