25 thoughts on “Help Stop Water Pollution”

  1. See the results of the 1080 poison the New Zealand government (National, Labour and greens) are pouring over our forests, streams and waterways at:
    And the international film award winner: youtube.com/watch?v=_LsC27K-Lc­k

  2. Kinda good video.. Am a teacher to be doing a unit on pollution. I wish I could use this video, but you really must spell check! There are multiple spelling errors and that prevents this video from being used in a professional manner to further the cause doing something about pollution. After all, no one is going to want to show a colleague a video with numerous spelling errors. I can’t show my second graders this video because of the bad spelling, either. It’s bad modeling for children.

  3. thanks you so much for helping raise the awareness of water pollution !
    may i borrow this video to show to my peers ?

  4. This is a powerful video! Thanks for sharing this! If you want to learn more ways how you can prevent water pollution and protect our waters check out lastormwater.info

  5. i have a few tips to help please listen and follow … thanks to those who do… #1:dont waste water by taking long showers,or running water when not using it#2:only flush toilet when nessecary #3:dont use non eco friendly chemicals #4:promote earth day #5:Help clean up oceans,ponds,rivers,lakes,and streams #6:dont trust oil companies #7:use drinking foutains not bottled water #8:dont run extra water or sprinklers and try not to use fertilizers and dont let excess oil drip on ground

  6. the video was great, but what’s the deal with the terrible music selection in all of these water pollution videos?

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