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9 April 2012 - Microbiology - Javed Shaik - 3 Comments

Conventionally Fungi have been included in plant kingdom. But in pursuance of Whittaker’s five kingdom classification Fungi and Plants (Algae, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes Gymmosperms and Angiosperms) are described here as two separate kingdoms. Angiosperms are not described in detail here.

Salient Features
Fungi are non chlorophyllous, eukaryotic, organisms. They are a large and successful group. They are universal in their distribution. They resemble plants in that they have cell walls. But they lack chlorophyll which is the most important attribute of plants. They are ubiquitous in habitat which ranges from aquatic to terrestrial. They grow in dark and moist habitat and on the substratum containing dead organic matter. Mushrooms, moulds and yeasts are the common fungi. They are of major importance for the essential role they play in the biosphere and for the way in which they have been exploited by man for economic and medical purposes. The study of fungi is known as Mycology. It constitutes a branch of microbiology because many of the handling techniques used, such as sterilizing and culturing procedures are the same as those used with bacteria.

Distinguishing Features of Fungi
1. They have definite cell wall made up of chitin – a biopolymer made up of n- acetyl glucosamine units.
2. They are without chlorophyll, hence they exhibit heterotrophic mode of nutrition. They may be saprotrophic in their mode of nutrition or parasitic or symbiotic.
3. They are usually non – motile except the subdivision Mastigomycotina.
4. Their storage product is not starch but glycogen and oil.
5. They reproduce mostly by spore formation. However sexual reproduction also takes place.

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