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Fruits with the exotic appearance

23 January 2013 - Plants - Javed Shaik - No Comments

In our world, there is so much more interesting and unusual. It happens, just watch and wonder. What if this extraordinary miracle is still tasty and healthy?
Let’s look at the fruit, which is difficult to find in the market or supermarket, and that change all notions of how food should look like.
Now, being in another country and seeing the local shops on the counter one of these exotic fruits, you can not puzzle over how to inquired, what is it and what is eaten, but sufficient to start the tasting.

Fruits with the exotic appearance (11 photos)

1. In India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and some other countries in South-East Asia are growing fruit carambola, nicknamed because of its unusual shape star fruit (starfruit). Star fruit is similar to only cut across form in which it is usually used for decorating desserts and cocktails. Mature carambola, depending on the species, can be sweet and sour or sweet taste, which is compared with a mixture of apple, pear and citrus. Fruit pulp, which is under a crust of wax, the structure reminiscent of plum – she’s as juicy and slightly crispy. Star fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants. As in grapefruit, carambola contains a large amount of oxalic acid, so people with diseased kidneys fruit should not be abused.

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