Click on below links to take a test in the following topics in Botany, after the completion of each test you can see your results, take the tests as many times as you like until you feel comfortable with each topic.

1 Virus quiz
2 Mycoplasma And Bacteria quiz
3 Algae quiz
4 Fungi And Lichens quiz
5 Bryophta quiz
6 Pteridophyta quiz
7 Angiosperms (Taxonomy and Classification) quiz
8 Angiosperms (Morphology)
9 Gymnosperms quiz
10 Angiosperms (Inflorescence, Flower And Fruit) quiz
11 Angiosperms (Embryology And Life Cycle) quiz
12 Physiology and Anatomy of Plants quiz
13 Plant Physiology quiz
14 Plants and Human welfare quiz
15 Enzymology quiz
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  1. ghanasyam
    April 29, 2012 at 5:31 pm

    nice quiz

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