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www.rotunda.co.in Rotunda Infertility Clinic, IVF Fertility Center in India With aim to provide Patient Friendly, Affordable In Vitro fertilization treatment to Infertile couples around the world. Rotunda Fertility Center will provide Comprehensive Affordable IVF services world class IVF treatment to its patients. Embryo Vitrification,Blastocyst & Embryo Freezing in IVF, Vitrification & Cryopreservation,Application of Vitrification to Human Embryo Freezing Vitrification is a new process for cryopreserving embryos. Through vitrification, the water molecules in an embryo are removed and replaced with a higher concentration of cryoprotectant than in the slow freeze method. The embryos are then plunged directly into liquid nitrogen. This drastic (-12000 degrees Celsius per minute) freezing creates a glass transition temperature, commonly called a “glass” state, and the embryos are vitrified. This quick freezing reduces the chance for intercellular ice crystals to be formed, thus decreasing the degeneration of cells upon thawing for embryo transfer. For more information about vitrification, ask to speak to an embryologist at your center. http
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