EAMCET Preparation Secrets

EAMCET refers to Engineering and Medicine common Entrance Examination, and is the gateway to admission in prestigious Engineering and Medical colleges in India.This is and entrance examination for the people who are willing to make it to the top notch Engineering and Medicine colleges in India for Admission to undergraduate degree Programs in the field of Engineering, Technology, Pharmacy and Architecture and Medicine.

The test is designed by prominent Professors who are apt in their work. It is not easy to crack the question papers unless the student is not thorough with the concepts. Students tying for EAMCET should prepare for the topics thoroughly to appear with full confidence for the entrance test.

The exam syllabus is based on the XII-th standard curriculum of main subjects – Physics, Chemistry , Botany, Zoology and Mathematics, where Physics and Chemistry are common for both Engineering and Medicine streams. The subjects look easy to crack the exam but there is lot to study before trying to solve the tricky question papers. Students always prefer to refer to only one text book or study material to attempt the question papers correctly. But it is always necessary to have a broad preparation for the exams with online practice quizzes like the one provided by HourlyBook.

Some students opt for a distant coaching institute far away from their home, and make it a reason for losing their health and precious time, and most of the time they will not able to get a rank to get free seat. But with HourlyBook’s, advanced quiz system which has over 10,000 multiple choice questions in Botany, Zoology, Physics and Chemistry at present.

Cracking EAMCET is questions is tricky but easy than it is imagined. Once a student has thorough grip over the subject, then the question paper can be solved with much ease.

So what are waiting for? Start practicing, the regularly updated quizzes, by clicking the below links:

 1) Zoology Quiz

2) Chemistry Quiz

3) Physics Quiz

4) Botany Quiz

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