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Lightweight Microscope

A microscope is a device, used when you want to look at objects which are very small in size which we cannot see from our naked eyes. The need to see any object up close, does not matter where you are this is why portable microscopes came in to use and were made. One can …

Microscope – A way to see through

Microscope Microscope is a device used to see or expand image of an object not seen with our naked eyes like germs, bacteria etc. Microscope has always helped in the development of many fields especially the medical science. With the help of Microscope people have developed and improved the science. By using Microsoft we can …

The Rise of Pocket Microscope

Cliché as it may sound, but the saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ still holds true. Pocket microscopes just fit that right to be an illustration. It is small yet incredible. Sooner or later, you’ll subscribe to it.  Are we not tired of hackneyed big microscopes that peeks into your bedroom and steal …

Careers under Microscope Scanner

Microscopy is a small packet with big surprises. True that. Did you know that the microscopy has vivid yet awe-striking jobs under its belts? Are you the one spending day and night with your microscope looking out for something to light up? Well, this passion of yours can transform into a money minting business if …

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