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  1. Part I

    Depending on the bacteria you want to grow, you also need the appropriate culture medium e.g. Enterobacteriaceae E. coli -> McConkey Agar. For many different organisms Columbia agar base, blood agar base or Mueller-Hinton agar base is good enough (Mueller Hinton Agar is generally used for susceptibility testing with antibiotics, but it’s also a very rich culture medium).

  2. Part II

    To sterilize the dissolved medium a pressure cooker is more suitable (15 min [at 121 degree C] for up to one liter of medium, but attention, you’ve to cool the preassure cooker down befor opening, otherwise -> boiling retardation). For more info download Merck Microbiology Manual PDF -> h++p://tinyurl[dot]com/microma­­nual (you have to type in the URL manually, don’t copy, otherwise it doesn’t work)

  3. Part III

    It was also used too much dehydrated media in this video (you may recognize it from the appearance of the solid agar plate), always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the flip side! For those who don’t wanna make the culture media themselves, you can buy pre-poured plates ready-for-use on eBay -> h++p://tinyurl[dot]com/ebaycul­­tureplates (you have to type in the URL manually, don’t copy, otherwise it doesn’t work).

  4. I believe any type would work as all it is doing is providing a sterile surface with nutrient to feed whatever you are growing. The one I used however was a seaweed based agar powder and I got it from an eBay seller but I can’t remember who. Hope this helps

  5. where did you get your agar and what kind of agar is it since there are so many kinds? i need specifically for growing any type pf bacteria

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