25 thoughts on “Active transport”

  1. sooo, is this talking about the lipid bilayer? or am i wrong? i don’t know i’m just guessing cus it also looks like the lipid bilayer in the cell membrane.

  2. absolutely amazing!!!!!! thank you so much i finally understand. this is the best way to study!! im going to ace my biology exam!!

  3. This is the phospholipid bilayer. And he’s on about the fluid mosaic model. I think, There’s only so much staring at textbooks you can do before your brain dies…

  4. all the time i read the cmnts and look at the dates they where posted, ithink about what i was doing around that time.

    it brings on an eery feeling,

  5. Call it what you will to avoid answering but the fact remains, neither you or any other fool can fully explain who or what makes it work. You preach your atheism which has it’s root in theism, and go home to your wife and have a loving relationship with her. Are you going to tell her that she is nothing more than a piece of carbon that can neither love nor be loved. Yeah I’d like to be a fly on the wall for that one!
    Anyways,,happy new year..

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