3 Amazing Photosynthetic Animals

Hank’s love affair with plants takes a slight hit now that he’s learned about several animal species that can photosynthesize. Fortunately, he’s excited enough about these animals to share them with all of us! Let SciShow introduce you to three these special photosynthetic animals. Like SciShow! www.facebook.com Follow SciShow! www.twitter.com References and image licenses for this episode can be found in the Google document here: dft.ba
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22 thoughts on “3 Amazing Photosynthetic Animals”

  1. probably have to become a sluggish tree or something to keep up with the size of my brain though, but by the time this stuff is able to integrate with me Ill also be directly linked to the interweb so meh I don’t need to move

  2. I remember my biology teacher calling me nuts, because i’ve only asked if it might be somehow possible for animals to be photosynthetic ten years ago. In your face Mr. Isenberg!

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